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(No) Matter What:   Capture Photography Festival

  Palimptexts: Invisibilization and Acts of Surfacing



Palimptexts: Invisibilization and Acts of Surfacing

Capture Photography Festival     2017

The ARC Gallery 1701 Powell Street.

Opening Reception Friday April 21 7pm; Closing Reception Friday April 28 7 pm.
Gallery: April 22 & 23rd 12pm-4pm; April 27 to 30th 12pm-4pm.
Artist Talks: Sunday April 23rd and Sunday April 30th12 pm.

Rena Del Pieve Gobbi, Karen Moe, Michael Maclean, Janet Sadel, Bobbi Sue

"Palimptexts: Invisibilization and Acts of Surfacing" is a group exhibition by
The No Matter What Collective. These photo-based art works surface aspects of
our culture that are denied, unacknowledged and thereby become invisibilized.

Karen Moe and Michael Maclean are creating totemic acts of complicity and
connection between the violence waged against the Mexican people and First
World drug consumption. Utilizing photo transfer and burning techniques, Moe
and Maclean are collaging Mexican newspaper images and found photographs
onto BC driftwood. The use of driftwood symbolically transports the violated and
neglected bodies across national, cultural and economic borders building
awareness and empathy. The work also serves as memorials for the dead who
appear daily on the front pages of Mexico City newspapers. Money will be raised
for Nacidos Para Triumfar (Born to Triumph) a Mexican NGO working to prevent
vulnerable youth from joining predatory drug cartels.

Bobbi Sue Smith is documenting the violence of unacknowledged experiences
and intimate spaces on the margins of Vancouver. She is printing onto clothing
and domestic textiles, draping together notions of physical and emotional shelter
and, in so doing, materializing invisibilized lives onto surfaces of communally
shared experience.

Rena Del Pieve Gobbi is transferring sensual gestures to silk. The time
consuming process of using liquid light to create photographs on fabric is a
metaphor for taking care of oneself in healing from sexual trauma and the time
required for healing. Del Pieve Gobbi is taking private moments and gestures
and rendering them visible.

Janet Sadel is making photo-based artworks by using found images combined

 with text, that depict the convoluted messages in everyday encounters with our
media saturated environment. The images also speak to the aggressive
onslaught of advertising and these visual dialogues work to subvert the insidious
nature of media violence.


 Four Women Photographers Realize Neglected Spaces   


Capture Photography Festival     2017

The ARC Gallery 1701 Powell Street.


April 10-19

The ARC Gallery

1701 Powell Street at Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC


Opening Reception Friday April 10th 7pm-10am (Performance 8pm)

Second Reception Friday April 17th  7pm-10am (Performance 8pm)

Additional Gallery Hours:

Saturday    April 11: Noon - 5pm

Sunday      April 12: Noon - 5pm

Thursday  April 16: Noon - 5pm

Friday        April 17: Noon - 5pm


Saturday   April 18: Noon - 5pm

Sunday      April 19: Noon - 5pm


Photographer/filmmaker rena del pieve gobbi, photographers Janet Sadel and Bobbi Sue Smith, and photographer/performance artist Karen Moe realize neglected spaces in a Vancouver context, through the sexed and gendered body and, in so doing, voice some of the silences at the core of patriarchal culture. The project addresses how the cultural and ideological inscriptions that construct social subjects are intrinsically informed by the corresponding privilege and neglect in a hierarchical ontology.


Bobbi Sue Smith

As an East Vancouver flâneur, Smith moves randomly through her neighbourhood, documenting such objects as shopping carts, temporary shelters and painted dumpsters. Her silver gelatin prints are mythologized phantoms that haunt Canada’s most neglected neighbourhood. Her interest lies in capturing places and objects that are dissapearing from the neibourhood.


Janet Sadel

Sadel’s photographic work of the residue of fallen leaves on urban pavement are evocative of the illusive status of marginalized women. Her large format trees bring Eco-Feminism into the mix. Sadel is an expert in photographic hand tinting and will inscribe this loving process onto a large-scale photograph. Her practice brings loving and intimate gestures into process.

Karen Moe

 Moe’s Lethe is a ‘mock metaphysics’ where contradictions, absurdities and horror surface in a system that is recognizable as our own. Lethe is large format photographs and a performance that begins with Moe bound in crime-scene police tape accompanied by an audio montage of the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and the stock exchange. Lethe has been shown in NYC, Toronto and Victoria, but never in Vancouver—Moe will bring Lethe ‘home’ through Capture.


rena del pieve gobbi

Del Pieve Gobbi’s film reinsertion is about the Missing/Murdered women of the Down Town Eastside. The film revisits the last known corner on which one of the victims was seen. Del Pieve Gobbi is also exhibiting her collaged enactments of surviving sexual violence through a process of re-affirming ones relationship with their body.