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(No) Matter What:   Capture Photography Festival

  Palimptexts: Invisibilization and Acts of Surfacing



Karen Moe and Michael Maclean are creating totemic acts of complicity and
connection between the violence waged against the Mexican people and First
World drug consumption. Utilizing photo transfer and burning techniques, Moe
and Maclean are collaging Mexican newspaper images and found photographs
onto BC driftwood. The use of driftwood symbolically transports the violated and
neglected bodies across national, cultural and economic borders building
awareness and empathy. The work also serves as memorials for the dead who
appear daily on the front pages of Mexico City newspapers. Money will be raised
for Nacidos Para Triumfar (Born to Triumph) a Mexican NGO working to prevent
vulnerable youth from joining predatory drug cartels.

Bobbi Sue Smith is documenting the violence of unacknowledged experiences
and intimate spaces on the margins of Vancouver. She is printing onto clothing
and domestic textiles, draping together notions of physical and emotional shelter
and, in so doing, materializing invisibilized lives onto surfaces of communally
shared experience.

Rena Del Pieve Gobbi is transferring sensual gestures to silk. The time
consuming process of using liquid light to create photographs on fabric is a
metaphor for taking care of oneself in healing from sexual trauma and the time
required for healing. Del Pieve Gobbi is taking private moments and gestures
and rendering them visible.

Janet Sadel is making photo-based artworks by using found images combined

 with text, that depict the convoluted messages in everyday encounters with our
media saturated environment. The images also speak to the aggressive
onslaught of advertising and these visual dialogues work to subvert the insidious
nature of media violence.




 East Vancouver Women, Vancouver Downtown Eastside