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(No) Matter What:   Capture Photography Festival

  Palimptexts: Invisibilization and Acts of Surfacing



The ARC Gallery Mandate

As one of Vancouver’s original artist live/ work buildings, the ARC gallery has shown professional visual and performance art exhibits since 1995 during such events as The East Side Culture Crawl and the residents’ annual Uncommon Show.

The ARC Gallery is a collaborative space where artist/residents are invited to exhibit their art of any discipline in a venue that reflects both emerging and established talent.

The ideal of nurturing and sharing knowledge is an underlying mission of our shows and in our creative community. We are independent and self-sufficient in our operations.

Decisions are arrived at collectively. We innovate, create, re-invent and re-envision our creative community with each new exhibition that is a continually transforming combination of the individual visions of the artists residing in the building at that time.

January 2015



 East Vancouver Women, Vancouver Downtown Eastside