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(No) Matter What:   Capture Photography Festival

 Four Women Photographers Realize Neglected Spaces



Capture Photography Festival 2015 Presents:

April 10-19

The ARC Gallery

1701 Powell Street at Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC


Opening Reception Friday April 10th 7pm-10am (Performance 8pm)

Second Reception Friday April 17th  7pm-10am (Performance 8pm)

Additional Gallery Hours:

Saturday    April 11: Noon - 5pm

Sunday      April 12: Noon - 5pm

Thursday  April 16: Noon - 5pm

Friday        April 17: Noon - 5pm


Saturday   April 18: Noon - 5pm

Sunday      April 19: Noon - 5pm

Photographer/filmmaker rena del pieve gobbi, photographers Janet Sadel and Bobbi Sue Smith, and photographer/performance artist Karen Moe realize neglected spaces in a Vancouver context, through the sexed and gendered body and, in so doing, voice some of the silences at the core of patriarchal culture. The project addresses how the cultural and ideological inscriptions that construct social subjects are intrinsically informed by the corresponding privilege and neglect in a hierarchical ontology.

  East Vancouver Women, Vancouver Downtown Eastside